Episodes 131 - 276 (145 episodes)


Episode 131 -- Oscar blackmails The Count

Episode 132 -- Stuie Monster gives teaches Big Bird how to tap dance

Episode 133 -- Cookie Monster thinks that Poco Loco will hurt him

Episode 134 -- Oscar wants his pet fly to become a bus driver

Episode 135 -- The Count counts Herry Monster's sneezes

Episode 136 -- Oscar finds a Flying Fox in his trash can

Episode 137 -- Biff and Sully repair underground pipes

Episode 138 -- Oscar sets off an explosion in his trash can

Episode 139 -- Rodeo Rosie thinks Granny Grouch is trying to break into Oscar's trash can

Episode 140 -- Grover and Herbert Birdsfoot get stuck in a cage

Episode 141 -- Mr. Snuffleupagus tries to ride a gigantic skateboard

Episode 142 -- Biff and Sully fix a newsstand

Episode 143 -- Big Bird takes care of another bird's egg

Episode 144 -- Grover sleeps over Mr. Johnson's house

Episode 145 -- Christmas Eve on 123 Brutal Sesame Street

Episode 146 -- Big Bird and Snuffy make a snowman, and name it Gordon

Episode 147 -- Big Bird and Snuffy sing to the snow

Episode 148 -- Snuffy, Biff, Sully and the Count are affected by the icy weather

Episode 149 -- Big Bird wants to fight noise pollution

Episode 150 -- Oscar joins in a hopscotch game

Episode 151 -- Harry Monster makes fun on Grover and Big Bird tells on Harry Monster

Episode 152 -- Furline Huskie goes to a disco

Episode 153 -- Cookie Monster raises money for endangerd species

Episode 154 -- Oscar makes an exercise show

Episode 155 -- Oscar gets insulted by Chewchilla

Episode 156 -- Oscar moves away from 123 Brutal Sesame Street and tries to find a new roomate

Episode 157 -- Herry Monster gets scared of The Freaky Monster

Episode 158 -- Big Bird decides to become grouchy

Episode 159 -- Oscar is acussed of littering by Headline Howie

Episode 160 -- Big Mean Carl scares away Sinister Sam

Episode 161 -- Oscar is expecting a group of Grouches from Cincinnati

Episode 162 -- Cookie Monster orders a radio

Episode 163 -- Big Bird invents a game in which people guess what they feel with their hands

Episode 164 -- Oscar has an argument with his own record with his own voice

Episode 165 -- Oscar conducts the Grouch Philharmonic Orchestra

Episode 166 -- Tough Eddie wants revenge on Ernie

Episode 167 -- Big Bird and Cookie Monster go into buisness together

Episode 168 --

Episode 169 -- The Count wants to count everybody in the world

Episode 170 -- Big Bird tries hanging a picture upside down

Episode 171 -- Oscar offers to tell people's fortune for a dime

Episode 172 -- Oscar writes a poem about crocodiles

Episode 173 -- Big Bird becomes a superhero, Wonder Bird

Episode 174 -- Herry Monster looks his Sister's Baby

Episode 175 -- Oscar wants to move into a dirtier trash can

Episode 176 -- Cookie Monster thinks Ernie is stealing his idea in becoming a doctor

Episode 177 --

Episode 178 --

Episode 179 -- Oscar disagrees with Andre's decisions as umpire

Episode 180 --

Episode 181 --

Episode 182 --

Episode 183 -- Big Bird shows home movies

Episode 184 -- Big Bird and Baxter Bird swap nests

Episode 185 --

Episode 186 -- Cookie Monster wants a refund from Mike's Bakery

Episode 187 --

Episode 188 -- Oscar falls in love

Episode 189 -- Oscar fakes there is gonna be a rainstorm

Episode 190 --

Episode 191 -- Herry Monster stops all the noise on Sesame Street

Episode 192 -- Big Bird imagines that he is living a hundred years ago

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